About me

Takoua Ben Mohamed

I’m an Italian graphic designer of a Tunisian descent. I was born in Tunisia but raised in Rome, Italy, where I studied. I Graduated in animation cinema in the Nemo Academy of Digital arts in Florence, Italy. I really like to tell stories, especially true ones, that's why I've published several graphic novels. I love cinema as well, and my love for cinema led me to be the cofounder of the film production company BM Entertainment Ltd, where I cover the position of Executive Producer. My first achievement was "Hijab style", a documentary film that we produced for Al-Jazeera Documentary channel. I also work as graphic designer for RaiPlay TV show “risorgimento digitale” where I made a short animation for every episode. Art director of the animated spot for 8x1000 Valdese campaign, animated spot for the Confronti Magazine subscription campaign, as well as thr one for the European Union's campaign against racism against muslim women under the title “look beyond the prejudice”. I collaborated with various magazines as a graphic journalist and comic artist such as Piccolo Missionario, Confronti Magazine, 7 Corriere, La Stampa Origami, Il Secolo XIX, Just Bake, Village Universel, Rete Near, Riccio Capriccio, works that granted me many awards such as that of the Evans European Journalism Prize 2019, Moneygram Award 2016, journalistic recognition "Premio Prato Città Aperta" 2016, Muslim International Book Award 2017, "Triafuorilalingua" award 2018, FIDAPA (Italian Federation of Arts and Professions Business) award 2019, “Acquaformosa” award 2021.